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By Gail “LaJanet” Miles

I have heard people say that some food taste so good that “it will make you want to slap your Mama,” but a slice of Aunt Orphia’s Homemade Pound Cake makes its founder, Pastor Orphialasertrella Adams-Taylor, thank her Mama.

Aunt Orphia’s Delicious Homemade Pound Cake began selling scrumptious slices of her mother’s beloved recipe for the dessert that is ‘a must’ at most family dinners in 2006.


 “What makes our cakes so unique and popular is our naturally, delicious 100 % butter rich flavor and light texture,”  explains Adams-Taylor “ It’s the pound cake you adore and come back for more.”    


Pastor Adams-Taylor started the buttery treat company what one might believe as a divine intervention.  

One day this woman of God purchased a slice of pound cake from a food vender near Temple University and did not recognize the flavor of her youth from her mother’s specialty.  

The expression on her face told it all and Adams-Taylor quickly told the vender she could make a better tasting slice of pound cake than the lump in her hand and at that moment, the challenge began.

Pastor Adams-Taylor laughs as she looks at God working in her life as she remembers countless times her mother, Orphia Davis-Adams told her to pay attention as she stirred up the mouth-watering dessert.

“My mom is deceased now but I am so, so glad I listen and eventually learned to master her recipe,” she said as she let out a hearty laugh.  

In no time her cakes were selling like “hot cakes” (pun intended) at a variety of street venders and stores.

One fervent consumer of Aunt Orphia’s Delicious Homemade Pound Cake quipped with glee, “whoever makes this cake is full of the Holy Ghost.”

Slices of the buttery sweet treat are sold at all the Fresh Grocers/Shoprite Supermarkets in the city as well as in corner stores in West Philadelphia and other neighborhoods. Whole cakes are shipped locally, nationally and internationally.

Aunt Orphia’s Delicious Homemade Pound Cake introduced a seasonal flavor of Natural Peppermint this year and this new flavor will be available until Valentine’s Day.

 “Believe in God for everything and you will conquer anything,” Pastor Adams-Taylor uttered with pure elation as she marvels at the growth of her company.

The family owned business is operated with the Pastor’s two adult daughters, Lativida and Wannikki. Her company has earned the award as one of the Top 50 Minority/Family Owned Businesses by The Philadelphia Business Journal every year since 2008.

If you want the Aunt Orphia’s Delicious Homemade Pound Cake “Cake Mobile” to visit you place an order at auntorphia.webs.com or call 215.927.1543.

“If they serve food in Heaven, this pound cake would be it,” said Julia, another jubilant consumer of Aunt Orphia’s Delicious Homemade Pound Cake.

Aunt Orphia’s Delicious Homemade Pound Cakes



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In Photo: Pastor Adams Taylor poses with a basket of goodies with daughter Lativida and Wannikki

Neighbors Honor A “Good” Man Who Is In A Lot Of Trouble


Supporters of State Rep. Ronald G. Waters gathered at Frances Myers Recreation Center last Saturday (1/17) to announce their support for the 16-year legislator now under indictment for corruption charges.

During the event organized by the group Women on The Move Enrichment Network, friends, family members and members of the community filled the multi-purpose room at the recreation center to voice their support for Waters despite the allegations against him.

“They [the organizers] called it a rally, but it isn’t really a rally. This is a fact finding, information gathering for the public [so] that the public can get some true facts that they haven’t been given,” said Hanif Moore, a speaker at the event.

Moore said most of the facts surrounding the case, which involved several legislators who are under indictment for allegedly taking money from an undercover informant for political favors during a sting operation and failing to disclose the monies collected, were false.

“The public [has] been given some false facts, and we need to correct what the public knows so that they have freedom of thinking as opposed to being told what to think,” Moore added.

Several publications (including the Westside Weekly) have reported Waters and state Rep. Vanessa Brown, both of whom appeared before a Grand Jury, admitted to having taken money from the informant.

Moore said Waters made no confessions.

“How can you admit guilt to charges that haven’t even been filed yet?” Ms. Moore asked.

(Editor’s Note): Easy, Moore. If anyone read the Grand Jury report, it indicates that both Reps. Waters and Brown admitted they knew they were wrong for taking the money -- Waters ($8,750), Brown ($4,000) -- and both were caught on video accepting the cash from an undercover operative with a dirty past.

Waters attended the event, but would not comment on the actual case itself.

He said the event was organized by constituents and friends who wanted to speak about their experiences with him as a legislator.

“I feel good to ... see this room full of constituents who say that they want[ed] to be here and share some of the good things,” Waters said. “They are here now to let me know by their presence that they didn’t forget.”

During an interview, Waters said he was not involved in the organizing of the gathering, nor knew beforehand what would be said.

“I just think that a lot [has] been said, and I think that a lot of people have their own positions of what they have been reading on their own,” he said. “I don’t even talk about it. I just hope that fairness and justice prevails and that I could possibly, as a legislator, be remembered for all the good work that I have done for seniors, for children and for anyone that needs it.”