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Today would have been a great day for Anwar Dempsey to celebrate his birthday and have a good time with his beautiful family and friends.                

 But unfortunately, before this man could enjoy his celebration, the 39-year-old maintenance worker was shot down and killed in the middle of the 5200 block of Delancey Street.

Dempsey was murdered on Monday afternoon, on August 4, four days before his 40th Birthday.

According to Philadelphia Police, gun shots ranged out at 4:07 PM and Dempsey was pronounced dead at the scene at 4:21 pm. He was shot multiple times around the torso area and left to die in the street as his killer fled the scene and hasn’t been seen since.

Today, police have no clues or motive of what caused Dempsey’s murder.

Dempsey was a hardworking neighborhood man who operated his own maintenance service and was very popular with his customers.  

According to many of his close friends, Dempsey was an easy guy to talk to and he would always find something good to say to a person to brighten up their day.

The word about his death has splashed a great amount grief from dozens of his friends on Facebook.

His death sprung out a bunch of tearful responses.


“I just texted you a few hours ago hoping all these messages on Facebook were some sort of sick joke,” wrote Irene Norine, who resides in Reston, Virginia. “ When I text you, you always response, but this time you didn’t. We have been friends for a long time. I have no idea what happened and it really doesn’t matter because the world lost a great brother, a great father, a great son and a great man. My prayers are with you and your family. Make sure you rest up in Heaven because the next time I see you we are going to raise hell”


Cat Shearer, who lives in Philadelphia, posted her kind words about Dempsey on Facebook giving her details about their recent encounter.


“I’ll never forget the way you remembered me on the bus that day and I’m so grateful that we reconnected,” said Shearer.


“You had what you call charisma. You were a great strength to me after I lost Leo. I’ll always remember that snow storm. I’m going to miss you.

“May you fly high with the angels. I will keep your memory in my heart as I know many others will.”                                                               

Devina Huggins of Philadelphia shared her thoughts on Facebook and was very descriptive about her dealings with the handsome gentleman.

“Words can’t explain my pain right now not being able to call when I’m near your job to see if you are there,” Huggins texted.

“ Just our general conversation talking about your son and our families.

“I still remember the day my sister told me she had seen you in the supermarket. She was saying she didn’t need to buy anything in the market.

“She was just glad to see Anwar, enjoy your conversation and admire your smile. I talked about you to my girlfriends all the time. I’m going to miss all of our conversations and miss your beautiful smile.”                                                                           

 According to police records, Dempsey had a prior record of selling and issuing illegal license plates to his customers. He also spent two years in jail for an armed robber in Bucks County. He was serving parole for those illegal dealings.  


A memorial service was held Thursday for Dempsey at the Khadijah Alderman Funeral Home at 1924 W. Hunting Park Avenue. His burial service was held at the Friends Southwest Burial Grounds  on  Powell Lane in Upper Darby, PA.                                             

Murdered On Delancey Street Remembered On Facebook



READ FULL NEWSPAPER61,754 VistorsSince July 28, 2008Reminding You About Mayor Nutter’s Plan To Catch A Killer

Maybe we just didn’t remember, but now nearly all murder news stories end with the offer of “$20,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a murder suspect.”

Yes, its true.

This is one of Mayor Michael Nutter’s plan -- including tips on identifying thugs who carry or sell illegal guns --  to curb the violence that have cost several hundred lives in this city. At least $500 was set up to pay for tips to ID illegal gun packers.

According to newspaper archives, Nutter allocated city funds back in 2007, but people seem to be taking notice seven years later, especially after the murder of the three children ruined down by two carjackers.

“To every criminal out there, I just put a $20,000 bounty on your head,” Nutter announced at a news conference at Strawberry Mansion High School. “We are coming for you. We will find you. People will give up that information.”

Nutter scratched $500,000 in the city budget to fund this bounty program.