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“When we stay home,” First Lady Michelle Obama told a crowd of admirers, “they win.”

 And, when ‘they’ win, she indicated at a rally at the Dorothy Emanuel recreation center near West Oak Lane, the kids will be the losers. But there is one man who can make a difference.

Tom Wolf.

“He refuses to accept crumbling classrooms,” said Ms. Obamas during the rally on Wednesday (10/15). “He refuses to accept teacher shortages because he believes that every child in this state should have a chance to fulfill their God-given potential no matter where they live or how much money their families have.”

The First Lady was in the Northwest section of the city trying to inspire a big turnout for the Democrat Wolf in a town that is more than 80 Democratic.

However, some 40 percent of the voters turned out in the last election, according to some news reports.

President Obama is expected to visit Philly in a few weeks to drum up some excitement for Wolf in the November 4th elections.

Some polls put Wolf as much as 17 percentage points ahead of Gov. Tom Corbett.

Ms. Obama’s visit here didn’t go unnoticed by the state’s Republican Chairman Rob Gleason who sought to portray Wolf’s connection to Michelle Obama as a negative.

“Wolf wants to bring the Obama philosophy of more taxes, more government and more Obamacare to Pennsylvania,” he said. Mayor Michael Nutter said he believes Wolf will win the election, but pressed on the audience to go to the polls in droves anyway in order to send the Democratic nominee to Harrisburg with a mandate. Nutter said Corbett has made false claims about his own record on education spending.

Corbett has said education funding is at record levels, while Wolf has said the governor cut $1 billion from the state’s schools.  

“The funds were cut!” said Nutter. “It’s not a debate.

First Lady Stumps For Wolf And Our Kids



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It’s Harvest Time In The Neighborhood

West Philly dirt can grow the tastiest vegetables and fruits anywhere on this planet.

The proof, my dear reader, is in the dark brown soil that is the Mill Creek Farm at 4901 Brown Street.

The farm takes up an entire block filled with all kinds of fruit and vegetables that are  pesticide free and farmed mostly volunteers.

The farm’s prices are reasonable and their goods can be purchased with ACCESS and state vouchers.

The farm is open for business on Saturdays 11 AM- 2 PM until November 22nd

Come by Saturdays to visit an urban vegetable farm, purchase freshly picked produce, participate in workshops and events, and to volunteer with us.

Also, on November 1st from 11 AM - 3 PM, the farm is holding a festival featuring a costume parade, pie-eating contest, a cider press, face painting, relays and other kid activities.